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04/02/17 Do I still owe a penalty if I choose to go without health insurance?

01/22/17 New law requires the IRS to delay some refunds

11/20/16 2016 Year-End Tax Saving Strategies

05/01/16 Pros and Cons of Flexible Spending Accounts

01/24/16 2015 Tax Filing Options

01/17/16 Tax Identity Theft

11/22/15 Hey, Watch the Excessive Sales Tax on My Margarita!

09/06/15 Sales Tax – How High is Too High?

05/03/15 Check your W-4 withholdings: You may be giving the government an interest-free loan

04/04/15 Top Ten Reasons to Give to Charity

01/25/15  Know Your Tax Filing Options

01/11/15   Tax filing for those on Obamacare receiving the advanced premium tax credit

12/01/14  Year-End Tax Saving Strategies

08/30/13 Same-Sex Marriages Recognized for Federal Tax Purposes

06/27/13 Taxation of Tribal Trust Settlements

01/08/13 The Fiscal Cliff Deal – No Big Deal

12/20/12 Charitable Giving

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E-filing and Identity Theft