Financial Planning for Later in Life

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09/03/17 Top 10 Things You May Not Know About Medicare

10/09/16 For many, health insurance drives the retirement decision

03/13/16 Caregivers should not neglect their own finances

08/30/15 Grandparents raising grandchildren can get help from Social Security

08/02/15 Five Verbal Behaviors to Recognize when Communicating with Seniors

07/05/15 Update on Reverse Mortgages: Spouses Now Have More Rights

05/31/15 Highlights from the Genworth 2015 Cost of Long-Term Care Survey

02/01/15 Congress passed the ABLE Act, creating tax-exempt savings accounts for the disabled

08/17/14 R is for a Review of Reverse Mortgages

07/13/14 M Means Making Sense of Long-Term Care Costs

07/06/14 L is for Learning about Long-Term Care

05/19/14 E stands for Eliminating Elder Fraud

11/25/13 Medicare 101: Prescription Drug (Part D) Plans

11/18/13  Medicare 101: Medicare Advantage (Part C) Plans

11/11/13  Medicare 101: Original Medicare and Supplemental Insurance

10/28/13  Social Security Cost of Living Adjustments

09/23/13  When to Start Taking Social Security

05/13/13  Choosing a Retirement Care Community


Financial Planning for Caregivers (26 min.)

Understanding Social Security (26 min.)

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Understanding Long-Term Care

The Basics of Long-Term Care Insurance