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10/22/17 Ten Ways to Respond to the Equifax Data Breach

08/27/17 Have Your Finances Blown Out of Control?

07/09/17 Starting July 1, credit reports just got a lot more accurate

07/01/17 The Snowball Effect on Debt

06/25/17 Which Debt Should I Pay First?

06/04/17 What is Your Debt-to-Income Ratio?

04/23/17 Three Tips for Handling Medical Bills

02/19/17 Hey lawmakers – the CFPB has done a lot of good!

10/23/16 Here’s what I think about door-to-door loan solicitations

09/18/16 Here’s what happened on my husband’s credit report when he disputed a charge

05/22/16 The Turmoil Caused by an Online Payday Lender

05/15/16 Problem with a Creditor? Submit a Complaint to the CFPB

03/06/16 Taking Responsibility is the First Step in Tackling Debt Problems

02/14/16 Budgeting, Part 3: Paying Down Debt

01/17/16 Tax Identity Theft

10/04/15 New Credit Cards Reduce the Risk of Fraud

06/28/15 Tips for Dealing with Debt Collectors

05/24/15 Benefits and Limitations of the New FICO 9 Credit Score

05/10/15 Choosing Between a 15-Year and a 30-Year Mortgage

08/24/14 S Stands for Starting Your Credit History

08/03/14 P is for Protecting Yourself from Online Payday Lenders

07/20/14 N means No credit history? You can still buy a car

05/26/14 F is for Free Credit Score

03/23/14 Managing Debt: Choosing a Credit Counselor

03/16/14 Managing Debt: Six Steps to Reducing Debt

03/09/14 Managing Debt: Correcting Errors on Your Credit Report

03/02/14 Managing Debt: Understanding Your Credit Report

02/24/14 Managing Debt: Improving Your Credit Score

02/16/14 Managing Debt: Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

02/10/14 Managing Debt: Recognizing You Have a Debt Problem

10/14/13  Rebuilding Credit after Divorce

06/24/13  What happens when a city declares bankruptcy?


Buying a House without a Credit History (25 min.)

Which Debt Should I Pay First? (28 min.)

Negotiating Medical Bills (28 min.)

Identity Theft (30 min.)

Dealing with Debt Collectors (19 min.)

Home Foreclosure (30 min.)

Personal Bankruptcy (28 min.)

Starting a Credit History (26 min.)

Understanding Your Credit Report (20 min.)

Improving Your Credit Score( 25 min.)