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11/19/17 Year End Financial To-Do List

07/30/17 Holding too many investment funds can hurt you

07/23/17 Five Back-to-School Budgeting Tips

04/30/17 Top Ten Reasons to Save for a Rainy Day

04/09/17 The St. Pierre Auto Insurance Checkup

03/26/17 The Waitress, Her Spare Change, and a Trip to Vegas

03/05/17 Don’t Throw It Away, Part 2 – The Food Edition

02/26/17 Save Automatically: America Saves Week Begins Tomorrow

02/05/17 Neglecting your health could keep you from becoming a millionaire

01/29/17 Half of middle class America missed out on the DJIA turning 20,000 – It’s time to jump in!

12/11/16 Looking for the January Effect

12/04/16 Ho Ho Ho: Is the Santa Claus rally on its way?

11/13/16 Saving and Investing Rules of Thumb

09/25/16 Attention S&P 500 index fund holders – Did you know you indirectly owned real estate?

09/04/16 There is no shame in asking for financial advice

08/28/16 Top 10 Money Management Mistakes

08/20/16 What is Socially Responsible Investing?

08/14/16 The Broken Air Conditioner, the 94 Degree House, and the Emergency Fund

07/31/16 Finding out the hard way you were not properly insured

07/03/16 Investing Basics: It’s hard to time the market, but you can time your contributions

06/26/16 While money may not grow on trees, it can sprout from wise choices

06/05/16 Diversify Across Asset Classes, Not Investment Managers

05/29/16 Which is the Better Investment? The S&P 500 or Four 1976 Cadillacs with a Silver Lining?

05/08/16 Financial Planning for a New Baby

02/14/16 Budgeting, Part 3: Paying Down Debt

02/07/16 Budgeting, Part 2: Reducing Expenses

01/31/16 Budgeting, Part 1: Increasing Your Take Home Pay

12/06/15 Top Ten Ways to Keep from Spending Your Money on Something Stupid During the Holidays

11/08/15 Be wary of identity theft this holiday season

10/25/15 Taking a road trip does not have to drive you to the poor house

09/20/15 Long-term saving is not as daunting as you might think

09/13/15 Keep a level head when it comes to investing in the stock market

07/26/15 Why Puerto Rico Matters to Bond Investors

06/14/15 Why Does a Company Split Its Stock?

06/07/15 The end to Storage Wars: Experiences, not stuff, really matters

04/26/15 Who wins and who loses when the FED finally decides to raise interest rates?

04/19/15 Investing in Stocks: It’s time to get started

03/08/15 Investing Basics: Mutual Funds 101

03/01/15 Investing Basics: Mutual Funds vs. ETFs

02/22/15 Tax Efficient Investing

02/15/15 Investing Basics: The Risk-Return Tradeoff

02/08/15 Tips for Buying a Car

01/18/15 Ten ways to save at least $10 a week

11/17/14 Enjoying the Holiday Season on a Budget

11/03/14 Holiday Food Shopping Tips

09/21/14 W means What’s up With Extended Warranties?

09/08/14  U is for the Usefulness of Used Stuff

07/27/14  O is for Opening a Business without Credit

06/23/14  J is the Joy of not keeping up with the Joneses

06/16/14  I for Insights Into Investing

06/02/14  G is for Great Grilling Tips to Save You Money

04/20/14  A is All About Accumulating Assets

04/13/14  Financial Lessons Learned from Our Road Trip to Alaska

01/20/14  Bewildered by Bitcoins

01/13/14  Three Lessons Learned From Working a Minimum Wage Job

12/30/13  Top Ten Financial Resolutions in 2014

12/23/13  No Break From Scams This Holiday Season

10/21/13  Payroll and Prepaid Debit Cards

09/16/13  Financial Tips before Starting Your Own Business

09/02/13  Investing Basics: What happens when a company goes public

08/19/13  Top 10 reasons financial education now more important than ever

07/22/13  Choosing a Financial Advisor

07/15/13  You’re on Your Own Now

06/10/13 Travel and Money

05/22/13 Don’t Let Your Finances Blow Away in the Wind

05/06/13 Financial Help for Those Facing Furloughs

02/25/13 Developing Your Financial Plan:  3 Key Questions

02/19/13  To Rent or Not To Rent

02/05/13 Couples and Money: Where is this budget going?

01/29/13  Don’t Throw It Away!

01/23/13  Let’s Get Organized!

12/19/12  Top 10 Ways to Build Wealth

12/18/12  Mobile Banking: To App or Not To App


Saving and Investing Rules of Thumb (25 min.)

Financial Planning for Young Adults (30 min.)

Financial Planning for Parents and Guardians (30 min.)

The $2,500 Investment Plan (28 min.)

Basic Budgeting Tips (30 min.)

Insurance Basics (30 min.)

Basics of Money Management (29 min.)

Mutual Funds 101 (30 min.)

Investing Basics (30 min.)

Controlling Holiday Spending (25 min.)

Starting a Business without Credit (27 min.)

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