Neglecting your health could keep you from becoming a millionaire

Neglecting your health could keep you from becoming a millionaire
Eileen St. Pierre, The Everyday Financial Planner

Kiplinger recently published 10 Reasons You Will Never make 1 Million Dollars. I wasn’t surprised at the reasons especially fearing the stock market, not saving enough, living beyond your means, and having too much debt. I’ve written a lot of posts about these issues. But one reason in particular caught my attention – neglecting your health. According to the article, 98% of millionaires consider their health their most important asset.

Taking better care of yourself doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Under the Affordable Care Act, preventive care is free (no co-pays) if delivered by a doctor or medical provider in your network. This covers flu shots and other immunizations, some cancer screenings, and mammograms. Taking a short walk during your lunch hour and going to bed a little earlier doesn’t cost a thing.

Buying nutritious foods can be more expensive than junk food, but my husband and I really enjoy planning our meals for the week. We always go shopping with a list to keep us from buying stuff we don’t need. I am surprised how quickly my pizza and sausage loving husband embraced Meatless Monday and Salmon Tuesday.

Think about the long-term financial implications about ignoring a health issue.

In a recent post, I shared that I recently had surgery on my spine to correct scoliosis. I had slowly began losing the ability to walk and knew I had to do something. To be honest, I felt that I would become officially disabled by the end of 2017 if I did not do something. As a financial counselor, I understood the financial ramifications of being declared disabled. That was not going to be me!

Be persistent and search for proper care.

In today’s health care system, it can be extremely frustrating to get the care you know you need. I always felt there was more going on with my spine than doctors kept telling me. When you can’t walk, you are not going to be satisfied with hearing “it’s not bad enough yet.”

After doing a Google search, I finally self-referred myself to the right doctor. A MRI revealed the extent of my problem. What a relief when I heard the words “We can fix this.” I actually ended up needing two surgeries over a two-month period. This week I had the final post-op appointment with my surgeon.

Now all that’s left is to heal up and enjoy this second half of my life! The final reason given in the Kiplinger article for not becoming a millionaire is to lack purpose in your life. Because my health issue is now fixed, I can continue travelling to people to help them manage their money and become financially independent. This financial gypsy is looking forward to hitting the road again!