Top Ten Reasons to Give to Charity

Top Ten Reasons to Give to Charity
Eileen St. Pierre, The Everyday Financial Planner

My mother always says if you haven’t worn something in a year, get rid of it. Mom always knows best. As you are cleaning out your closets this spring, why not donate your items to charity?

Karman Korner Resale Shop, Stillwater, OK

My charity of choice is a local hospice thrift shop.  I’m sure you can find an organization near and dear to your heart who will appreciate your stuff, or your time as a volunteer.

Here is a countdown of my top ten reasons to give to charity:

10. You get a really nice thank you letter.

9. Someone else would look great in that argyle sweater you weren’t able to return after Christmas.

8.  Did someone say tax deduction?

7. $10 can go a long way in a Third World country.

6. Volunteering your time – priceless.

5. The free Christmas address labels

4. Your local food pantry needs your help – It’s time to clean out your cupboards anyway.

3. That Salvation Army bell ringer is kind of cute.

2. If I do the “Race for the Cure” I may just lose a few pounds.

1. It feels soooo good!

For help choosing a charity or determining the value of used items, visit my Charitable Giving column.