Top Ten Reasons Why Estate Planning Is Important

Top Ten Reasons Why Estate Planning Is Important
Eileen St. Pierre, The Everyday Financial Planner

tulips-wallpaper.jpgSpring has now arrived, even though it may still seem like winter in some places. It’s a time for renewal, a fresh start, when many give their houses and their lives a good spring cleaning. It’s a time to get things in order. This includes estate planning. Proper estate planning can help your loved ones get a fresh start.

Here is a countdown of my top ten reasons why estate planning is important:

10. You don’t want your kids to fight over who gets your priceless set of Spoons across America.

9. Money would never cause problems in my family…yeah, right!

8. Who needs a trust? The government will always be there to care for my special needs child.

7. No will? That no good brother of yours will get your money ahead of your grandkids.

6. You need to update your life insurance beneficiaries – Alex Trebek may appear in those commercials on TV but he can’t do it for you!

5. You think “probate” is a move by Kevin Durant at a Thunder game.

4. Funerals cost how much?

3. If my family needs money to pay my final expenses, they can just sell my camera collection on ebay…good luck with that!

2. Your legacy – Put it all on 27 black at the roulette table at Vegas.

1. Remember that judge you saw on the news with the “ethics” problem? He’ll decide who gets to raise your kids!